ASP.NET Training

Today, ASP.NET has become one of the most favorite programming frameworks in the web-development industry. Hence, going through ASP.NET training course in Cochin is extremely beneficial if you want to secure your career as a well-paid .NET developer.

ASP.Net Benefits: 

  • ASP.Net is the next generation of Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) platform.
  • Easy to use Application Programming Interface
  • Dynamic Web Pages can be created with little effort
  • Powerful Web Applications can be made with no complex coding
  • User Authentication – ASP.Net supports forms-based user authentication. 
  • Language Support –ASP.Net readily supports standard programming languages like Visual Basic, C# and C++.
  • Object and Page Caching – ASP.Net pages and objects can be cached to highly increase performance.
  • Compiled Code – ASP.Net provides greatly increased performance. It runs compiled versus interpreted code.
  • Strict Coding Requirements – Developers are forced to keep strict coding standards and rules. So ASP.Net is less buggy.
  • Event-Driven Programming –Handling events such as Click, Load and Change via code can reduce program complexity and thus increases organization.
  • Third-Party Controls –A large number of good quality third-party controls are available so it will speed up development time duration and reduce cost.
  • Higher Scalability – ASP.Net is highly scalable like maintaining session across servers, and multi-processor load balancing.
  • Easier Configuration & Deployment – Configuration is done with plain text files.

In the beginning of Internet, web pages were primarily static and had to be manually updated in case of any changes. Then there emerged the need for a platform to develop dynamic webpages which can be updated by the end user, with ease. Microsoft first brought ASP (Active Server Pages) to solve this problem. Then gradually, as applications grew bigger and more complex, the need for an architecture was felt, which would facilitate application development in a structured way. Microsoft .NET framework was introduced with ASP.NET programming and it simplified the way web applications were built.    

Topics Covered:

  • C#.NET 
  • ADO.Net
  • Ajax
  • LinQ
  • Silver Light
  • MVC Architecture
  • Stored Procedure
  • 3 Tier Architecture
  • WCF
  • WPF