Inventory, Financial Accounting & Delivery Challans

With discounted VA, discounted amount, without discount etc.

* Bill can be settled with half page.

* Different rounding options in settings.

* Stock Journel for bargold conversions to different purity.

* Cut stock can be handled.

* Testing samples can be added to required stock after refining.

* Party stock ledgers.

* User friendly option to add returned jewellery items to stock after hallmarking.

* Salesman wise details for purchase and sales.

* GST reports.

* System is flexible to add new tax rates.

* Different formats for Daybook and Trial balance.

* Automatic preperation of P&L and Balance sheets.

* Multibanking options for transactions.

* Billing for Gold, Silver, Diamond, Stones, Platinum etc

* Returned stock items can be selected in sales return automatically Much more

* Numberl Jewellery ERP software in Kerala with Affordable rates.

* Our company is ready to do client based customizations

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