The Complete Jewellery Management Systems

* Delivery Challan for Hall marking, Jobwork, Refining & Testing.

* Payment Voucher for Old gold purchasing with cash limit alert & mapping with sales invoice.

* Payment Voucher for job work, Refining, Hall Marking and Testing

* Receipt Voucher for Advance from Customers and mapping them with sales bills.

* Refund Voucher for Customer advance return. Specialities over other softwares

* Full documents are added as per GST Rules

* Cash payment limit alerts for sales and old gold purchase.

* All payment methods are enabled.

* Advance from customers can be collected as items and cash.

* Status indication (pending or completed ) for Delivery Challans.

* Studded jewelleries can be billed easily by selecting and pricing precious stones.

* TDS can be collected from jobworkers.

* Good Management Information System.

* New purposes for job work can be created.

* Bills can be given in diverse formats

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