Artificial intelligence is a transformative technology, generally refers to the ability of digital computing devices that can perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Through this module, learners will gain a holistic view of AI landscape from its humble origin to bleeding edge technologies and applications of today. Learners will be introduced to historically significant AI systems and their underlying AI concepts. They will explore different classical and modern AI techniques, and understand the three essential ingredients that drive modern AI , i.e., Big Data, Big Compute, and Advanced Algorithms. Learners will also examine the ethical and legal aspects of AI technologies as well as the exciting future trends.

Soften Technologies has the limelight as one of the top AI providers in IT industry. The main focus of our AI service is to provide enlarged business values by creating next generation solutions through big data analytics and cloud. The AI tools we come up with latest trends in emerging technologies and most accessible Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools for business. We built software and systems that helps to analyze and draw conclusions from data, to understand complex concepts and henceforth creating positive outcome.

Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning

Machine Learning Pipeline via Cloud Environment

Cloud native Cognitive Services

Data Engineering Fundamentals

Advanced Analytics Strategies

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Advanced Analytics planning

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