MEARN Stack Development

Helping to develop a faster development of applications it is a collection of technologies. Using JavaScript as the main language to develop the applications MEARN Stack Development based on the MongoDB, Express, React, Node. This is the four key Technologies to make the Stack.

Course Overview

Including with JavaScript, HTML and CSS MEARN Stack is a perfect way to make web apps.  It not only includes JavaScript and HTML, CSS but it also covers the APIs with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB these all are the parts of MERN Stack. It Is an attractive part that MERN Stack helps to increase the knowledge in developing apps, it explaining the use of React js for creating modular and it helping to create and maintain single page apps. It is the set of JavaScript Technologies which creates web applications.

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Course Topics

Lab Sessions and More Details will be Furnished at Official Proceedings…

MongoDB Database Tier

It’s an important and leading database written in c++, MongoDB is a document database and it’s a leading one in NoSQL database.


Being a group of MongoDB documents it is similar to the RDBMS Table. It has different types of fields and all the documents in collection is related with each other. Collection doesn’t carry out the schema.


Having with the dynamic schemas it is considering as the key value pairs. The same set of MongoDB documents doesn’t need a same set of fields or structure and it is called the dynamic schema. In collections documents the common structure of fields have various types of data’s.

Express js and Server Tier

The Express js for Node js is a time efficient and fastest growing natured and an easy learning application to develop and create web applications easily and fast. It is a clear fact that within the Express js Node js become an easy one. The Express js for Node js stand for helping the server and routes. It provided the essential features to create web applications. It is written in JavaScript and it is the easiest language to everyone.

React js Front End

It is the top tier of the MEARN Stack Development to create the dynamic client side applications HTML. It develops the highly responsive user interface components using the React materials. The React js is the best place to monitor a d improve front end performance. To enhance the application performance, react js provides modern user interface components.

Node js

Node js is the best way of development of the I/O intensive web applications. It is helpful to create video streaming sites, single page applications and other web applications. Node js is the best option for thousands of the developers to create web apps easily. It is used the sequel database like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL…etc.

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