Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking considering as the security experts Who provides the needed help to the industries security services. Getting a previous approval from the Supreme authority of the industries it is used as an opposite element which using against the malicious Hacking. Ethical hacking provides the security and improvement to the industries. Ethical Hacking improving the organization by giving the perfect advices and ethical Hacking making a previous checking to make sure the vulnerabilities are solved.

About Course

Recently in modern world we all knows that there is an increase in the areas of technology. Every industries and common peoples are using modern technologies. Increasing nature of the usage of modern technology lead to many malicious Hacking and there happened a massive challenge in the protection of these digital medias related to the banking and medical Informations.

Hacking is not considered as a legal procedure but if it is done with pre approval it is a legal process. In many industries they are looking for a highly qualified computer specialist to give protection to their digital media’s and hack their systems to make changes if they needed any changes. Industries are looking and posting computer experts as their hackers to give a protection against the other malicious Hacking. The legal hackers who helps to protect the data and with an approved Hacking is commonly known as ethical Hacking. The major three types of Ethical Hacking are white Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers and Grey Hat Hackers.

The modern industries are looking the experts to create security services to their digital data by giving legal Hacking to give protection to the networks, devices and apps. White Hat Hackers is the ethical hackers who is legally doing Hacking. It is the specialty of the ethical hackers that they are legally doing Hacking with an approval from the owners. White Hat Hackers is different from the black Hat Hackers. Ethical hackers or white Hat Hackers is legal hackers who is doing Hacking with owners’ approval.

Ethical Hacking is the best option to make a complete evaluation of networks. There is plenty of ways to find the needs and changes in the networks. Recently in Ethical Hacking White Hat Hackers is the another name of it. With a pre-approval from authorized persons White Hat Hackers is checking the problems and manages it.

Black Hat Hackers is those hackers who hacks without the permission from the authorities. Black Hat Hackers making harms to the systems and the operations. And the Black Hat Hackers completely making harm to the entire system. These hackers steal the data and they make violation of the privacy.

Grey Hat Hackers is considering as the mixture of both the White and black Hat Hackers. These Hackers are acts as their own intentions. Without the permission and knowledge of the owners the Grey Hat Hackers exploiting the entire computer system and network. These hackers making weakness to the networks intentionally and make the owner pleased and receive appreciation from them. The Grey Hat Hackers is not a scary hacker who fears about the after effects of the Hacking. These Grey Hat Hackers are also called as Hacktivists.

Course Topics

The entire course study structure is designed as per the guidelines from the professionals.

  • Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
  • Security Awareness
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Malwares
  • Social Engineering
  • Incident response concept
  • IDS, IPS, Firewall and honeypots technology
  • Web application security tools
  • Cryptography
  • Discovering and assessing threats
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