Cloud computing is the delivery of computer services of servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence. It is considering as the helpful service to reduce the operating costs. In cloud computing the individuals are free to pay only for the cloud services what they use. Cloud computing reduces the operating costs and it improves the efficiency of running an infrastructure. Many of the infrastructures are choosing cloud computing to decrease the capital expenses. cloud computing is not a same one it us different from one another. Cloud services are not same it is different from one another. In cloud computing it’s not perfect choice and one type of computing is not suits for everyone. According to the models, types and services of cloud computing help the needs of the customers. We usually use the cloud computing. If we send emails, edit documents, watch movies, listen music, to play games …etc. are the usually used cloud services.

Cloud computing is mainly three types and these three types are providing the control, flexibility and management and it gives an easy selection of services for the needs. Recently it shows that cloud computing faced many challenges. The major chalk of cloud computing is,

  1. Cloud expenses

The multiple reasons are there to waste a lot money to the unwanted activities related to the cloud computing. The lack knowledge, the uncaring nature and the unskilled sources of knowledge leading to the unnecessary cloud expenses. To overcome this problem is attain the correct knowledge and make sure the availability of a cloud computing partner to  provide solutions in cloud management.

2.working with multiple cloud environments

Recently the availability of number of options in cloud computing the all industries are influenced by multi cloud model of working and this brings multiple cloud types and multiple cloud vendors. This process makes many challenges in synchronization, security and robustness of operations in the industry, To overcome from these challenges it is important to adapt the best practices. By managing and maintaining the proper way of computing make sure the entire performance.

3.making new application.

changing the entire application and Developing the new cloud services totally new from the existing application has many drawbacks and challenges to face. To make entirely new cloud application it shows many troubles. Security configuration, usage of time, the cost increase. etc are the some of the major troubles. To overcome this troubles it is important to set a perfectly talented professional of cloud service is the perfect option.

4.expense calculation

Being a new one industries are not set the budget. It is a fact that the expenses are differ from industries to industries. Even a small industry too become weak when there is no calculation and it shows difficulty in cloud computing services. To overcome from this a correct preparation of estimation is perfect.

  1. The data security violation.

It is the major challenge that data security violation is happening in the cloud aged services. Data violation is creating end to the users. To overcome from this usage of security tools is perfect to reduce the threat of security.


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